Featured Staff

Emily Leighty
Business Analyst

“My greatest experience at VIU has been the opportunity to work closely with colleagues and students from countless countries and cultures different from my own. The care and kindness I have witnessed among the students, staff, and faculty is a daily reminder to me that under all of the economics, politics, and geography that separate people globally, we are all still people with the ability to connect, learn, and establish meaningful relationships.”


People @ VIU

Our people are passionate about what they do and focused on putting the needs of our students first. We work together with pride to help students from around the world achieve excellence in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors.

You can learn a lot about our culture by asking the people who know it best - our current employees. Each month we will feature members of our faculty and staff so that prospective candidates can hear from employees themselves.

At VIU, we strive to fulfill our employees' needs for opportunity, growth, and challenges. Mobility within the company is common here at VIU, and we encourage employees to further their own education by offering free graduate courses at the University for full-time employees.

As an International University, we can say that we have a highly qualified staff that is equally as diverse as our student body. We pride ourselves on the inclusive environment that we have created for employees of all backgrounds.

For a listing of our current staff, visit our Staff page.

For a listing of our current faculty, visit our Faculty page.


    Featured Faculty

    Dr. Saiid Ganjalizadeh
    Faculty, School of Computer Information Systems

    “Joining VIU full-time was a great decision for me, and it is a privilege to be able to work in a multinational higher education environment full of unique perspectives from around the world. From my experience, VIU students have sacrificed a lot to pursue higher education and become better global citizens. It is an honor to be a member of the VIU community and to serve our students.  Furthermore, every day of my service at VIU brings me new challenges and experiences.”